Saturday, July 14, 2012

HauteLook Beauty Sales

Lots of cool stuff today on HauteLook

e.l.f. cosmetics are cheap to begin with, but they're even cheaper. body lotion for $1.00, lots of sets of products running between $3 and $6.

Orly (love, love, LOVE their duochromes) has polishes for $4.50 a bottle.

Also Tweezerman products and Supergoop! sunscreen.

I went to look for shoes and there was even more fun stuff!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I love finding interesting places to shop almost as much as I love finding interesting things to buy and use. Are any of you using Sneakpeeq? I just bought my first product from them yesterday, and I think I'm might be addicted! I've been a member for a while and got a free pair of earrings for signing up (their signup bonus changes, but I think you get a $10 credit for signing up). 

You sign up for Sneakpeeqwith your facebook account. I don't like to have too much information on what I'm buying cluttering up my wall for friends to look at, so I just made all of the Sneakpeeq app's activity viewable by "Only Me" in the privacy settings. Their sort of like Gilt Group or HauteLook in that there is a new "store" opening every day, and the stores only stay open for a few days at a time. So far I've seen a lot of neat home decoration, lifestyle, accessories, niche food, and of course beauty. The overall look and feel reminds me a bit of Etsy, although I think the brands have tended to be more established than that.

Every day you get a set number of "peeqs" to see the discounted price on any given item. The more you peeq, the greater your chances of earning badges to get even further discounts. The peeqs reset at midnight. Fair warning--as I found out yesterday, you can only purchase one item at a time. Their FAQ says they're working on a shopping cart feature, but for now that means you can only use a discount badge on one product at a time.

The product that finally enticed me?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Julep Polishes on HauteLook

Quick post to share this: Julep polishes are on HauteLook! I <3 Julep polishes, and there are a lot of good deals to be had. Julep polishes typically sell for $14/each, but HauteLook has trios on sale for $18 each. They've also got some of their nail, foot, and body care items on sale for 50% off or more. Julep Mavens regularly get a generous 20% off online purchases from, so this is even better! The sale ends 7/7 at 8:00am, so if you see something you like hurry.

For those unfamiliar, HauteLook launches daily brand sales at what are often deeply discounted prices. There isn't anything special about being a member, you just sign up over on

There's a ton for sale and so far nothing has sold out, here are a few examples:

Blues, Essential Neutrals, Modern Pinks, $18/set (reg. $42)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Be. Wines

Wanted to share a review I did for BzzAgent about Be. Wines. I got a coupon for a discount on Be. Wines in exchange for purchasing and reviewing the product. That said, the opinions are my own and not influenced BzzAgent.